Friends Cricket Club, Gurgaon

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Friends Cricket Club, Gurgaon

Friends Cricket Club (FCC) was founded initially as Princeton Cricket Club by a group of DLF5 residents in 2012 playing in makeshift grounds only. In 2013, the affairs of the club were taken over by Sanjay Midha (Sanjay Ji) and Kunwar Raj Bhansali (Raj) and was renamed to FCC. With their guidance and mentoring the Club grew to new heights and started playing regular competitive cricket.


The enthusiastic group comprises of kids, youngsters and middle-aged men from different walks of life who were brought together by a shared passion – Playing cricket. The Club motto is to have 100% engagement of all the members and everyone is equal. That is why this is the only club whereby the founder and mentors initiated the ‘Captain by Voting’ philosophy whereby giving the power to the team to pick their own captain through voting every four months. The members have been associated with the team since more than 3 years now and it is now more of a family than just club.

The success of the club is due to the dedicated members who have always given priority to play for FCC over any other engagement on a Sunday.

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