Gurgaon Cricket Team crashes out of Under 16 Inter District School Tournament, Haryana


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After an impressive start to the championship Gurgaon Cricket Team could not get past the second round of the Under 16 Inter District School Tournament, Haryana as they went down against Sirsa. In their first match against Jind they played like professionals in every aspect of the game. Their openers Saurav Kumar and Deepanshu Thakral were exceptional in that match scoring 50+. And so were their bowlers ably supported by their fielders  as they cleaned up the opposition for 60.

In the second match as well the bowlers did their bit and restricted the opposition to 110/8 in 15 overs but the openers didn’t fire and the middle order didn’t get any momentum in the innings. The team could only manage 70.


1st Match – Gurgaon v Jind

Gurgaon 132/0 in 15 overs
Saurav Kumar – 60 not out , Deepanshu Thakral – 58 not out
Jind 60 all out
Sujeet Kumar – 3 wickets, Jaideep – 2 wickets, Shubhankar – 1 wicket

2nd Match – Gurgaon v Sirsa

Sirsa 110/8 in 15 overs
Saurav Kumar – 3 wickets, Jaideep – 1 wicket, Shubhankar – 1 wicket
Gurgaon 70 all out
Sonu – 20, Shubham – 15, Monu – 10

Coach Ajit Dagar was optimistic about the future of these cricketers. He said, “These young cricketers have gained valuable experience from this championship and we will work with them on their skills to keep improving.”

*details as provided by the management


2 Responses to Gurgaon Cricket Team crashes out of Under 16 Inter District School Tournament, Haryana

  1. vikas yadav (Sarhaul Shinners) says:

    Coach Ajit is doing a great job!!! wising him all the luck for future championships….

    Gurgaon U16 is the best team, that was just one off day for them. will comeback very soon…

  2. Vijay Singh Yadav says:

    It is really surprising to see that if i m not wrong Gurgaon has the best facilities of cricket grooming and coaching and still loss to a team of Sirsa with such blunder failure of batting line up ……. Any how it may not be a day our team …. wishing them luck for their career ahead ….. This is a special request to our coach Ajit Dagar that please fulfill our team with a lots of valuable experience so they need not depend for gaining experience in valuable fixtures or championships …. those who prepares themselves well before exams will score the maximum ….

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