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Invictus United is a cricket club in Gurgaon Region of NCR formed by group of friends for recreational purpose.
The Club was initially formed as CCG in the year 2015 by Abhishek Sharma and Sankalp Srivastava.
CCG changed to Invictus United in the year 2016.
Every member of ‘Invictus United’ believes in the saying “ I am the master of my Fate, I am the captain of my Soul’ and our prime motto is to play highly competitive but fair cricket keeping up the spirit of the Game’
‘Abhishek Sharma’ is the captain and ‘Sankalp Srivastava’ the Vice captain & Manager of ‘Invictus United’

Following members have joined the club in various years:

Year 2015
Nalin Singh Patel, Sachin Dagar (Billey)

Year 2016
Arjun Dasgupta, Gurpreet Singh Saini (Garry), Nawin Washington, Gagandeep Ratra, Rohit Singh

Year 2017
Kapil Solanki, Harsh Rawat, Amit, Pankaj Mehra, Ravish, Satvik & Divyajeet

Team Performance

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Recent Results

2018-10-28Phoenix Riserswon by 50 runs
2018-10-14Flyoski Smasherswon by 6 runs
2018-09-23Friends CCwon by 7 runs
2018-09-09Warriorswon by 10 runs
2018-08-05Silent Assassinslost by 7 wickets


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