Performance of the Week – 1st Week (August)


Before I start writing about week’s best performance would like to thank and applaud the efforts put in by the ground staffs of all the organisers/coordinators. They ensured that we all get the matches on time with no or minimum reduction of overs. They do deserve a pat on the back.

Coming back to the performances, we all noticed some amazing individual brilliance from players like Anubhav, Ritesh, Ayush and Jaideep during last week and also saw great team performances from teams like Praxis, Sparkle XI and Twenty2 Yards.

I was reviewing all these performances but there was one performance that kept echoing in my head. I was lucky to have witnessed that performance at Redpark.

Just before SDS tours and Silent Assassins Quarter Finals, Krish XI was a playing a friendly and chasing with some 20 runs to victory. The very first thing that anyone would have noticed, a gentleman standing at covers/cover point with only one arm. An instant reaction was SALUTE. 

The match came down to 7 of the last over and you guessed it right this gentleman decided to bowl himself on with his left arm orthodox. How often do we see players giving excuses of bad whether, small niggles and here is some who is defying all odds and he is not only just playing but contributing towards the team.

My heart said come on sir lets take this match to last couple of balls but mind said otherwise as the batsmen on the crease were Rajneesh bhai and Akki bhai. One who has given n number of players to Gurgaon cricket from his coaching academy and won many matches single handedly, other capable of finishing the match with one hit.

Whatever be the result my eyes were firmly stuck on the pitch:-

1st ball – fuller, driven down the ground by Akki bhai for single

2nd ball – fuller but with some flight, Rajneesh bhai came dancing down and lofted him over covers for a four.

3rd ball – high full toss on leg stump, smashed  but a good catch by the fielder at deep square leg.

for some strange reason batsmen didn’t cross and were stuck to their crease. 2 needed for victory, a young boy comes to the crease.

4th ball – full and straight. Young boy goes for a swing, misses and stumps are knocked back. Batsman went for glory instead of knocking it down for a single and leveling the score.

5th ball – a Hattrick. Same delivery, same shot and same result. Stumps knocked back

Suddenly from going for victory Krish XI’s batsmen were in the safe mode. Everyone had a piece of advice for the new batsman – knock the ball and run for tie, all fielders will be in just loft the ball outside the circle.

6th ball – all fielders in and the willy left arm spinner bowls it really slow outside off. Batsman went for a cut but failed to put a bat on ball.

The gentleman had done a Charl Langeveldt. Charl too got a hattrick in the last over against West Indies in 2005 when 2 were needed for victory.

I later found out the name of the gentleman is Sachin and he lost his right arm in some accident. It is amazing how people like Sachin keep inspiring us with their amazing feats. Probably God himself chooses such people as he knows that they have the power and strength to keep fighting and be a role model for hundreds of us.

I wanted to meet him and congratulate him on that great performance but didn’t want to make him feel that its because of that challenge. Till the next time I meet you sir, once again a SALUTE to your passion.

Other notable performance of the week :

Ritesh Dahiya : 51 and 5/10 against OCS – Scorecard

Anubhav Mehrotra : 4/21 and 55 against Sparkle XI – Scorecard

Gaurav Chitkara : 135 of 70 deliveries against Ball Busters – Scorecard

Jaideep Chaudhary (JD) : 113* of 49 deliveries against FCC – Scorecard

Ayush Soni : 5/22 against AIMIL Pharma – Scorecard

Aman Kangra : 4/17 against against KSK Giants - Scorecard

by Vinay Yadav

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