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Every person born in India who plays cricket loves to slog. It’s the natural talent that comes with birth in every player. And the naivety comes along with it. So, lets introduce you all to this not so silly “Silly Sloggers”

We, a bunch of cricket enthusiasts started playing cosco cricket on a serene Sunday morning in September. The aim was to enjoy the game among us. After few weeks we started playing on weekdays too. As time passed by, the craving for leather ball cricket pumped in and we all managed funds from somewhere and bought kits .By then the journey of these enthusiasts started . January 25 was our first leather ball match date ,and since then in 5 months we have participated in 5 major tournaments and made it to knockouts of 3.

Our motto is to produce extraordinary performances from ordinary players .Apart from one or two ,none of us has much cricket exposure but we strive hard to build that level and keep moving on.

silly sloggers team pic1

silly sloggers team pic

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Recent Results

2018-07-21Stallions VKlost by 4 wickets
2018-07-14Flyoski Smasherswon by 8 wickets
2018-07-07MNVMlost by 6 wickets
2018-06-30Cricketers Unitedwon by 48 runs
2018-06-24Paras CClost by 53 runs


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